A downloadable game for Windows

there is no way to win, just jump around and blow on things and play! made for bubblegum jam.

controls: jump: z | bubble: x | blow: down arrow


song download

font by castpixel


bubbleflower.zip 4 MB


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OMG I'm such a great fan of your music, but I didn't know you made games either! You're my idol from now on :D

I don't know how to run .love games though... Pretty sure that means I have to install the love engine... Maybe I should buy a Windows?

Edit: Installed love and I can now play! But the background is missing, so the dandelions and the bubbles are invisible. Double jump works the first couple of times. Maybe not the very best gameplay :(

But I still love the feel of it. <3

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oh thanks! ah oh no!! you did nothing wrong aha, love recently had a big update that broke a bunch of older games!! so i need to update this and my other games if they're going to work right hmmm, i should really do that huh! thanks for trying it out even if it is broken, and all the nice words~

edit: ahaha i'm trying to fix it right now.... i see what you mean. it's not much of a game if you can't see the bubbles lol!


I was pleasantly surprised coming across this game, I'm a fan of your music and I didn't know you made games. Great work.


oh wow thanks! happy that you like my music (๑´ㅂ`๑) your site is very cool and fun to hang out on!


i love the colors, the art, and especially the music! i can't stop listening to the song
the bubbles are a really neat mechanic, as well. i had a lot of fun discovering all the ways i could use them! i'd love to see you flesh this out more c:

thanks for sharing your thoughts!  especially glad that you had fun experimenting with the bubbles ヾ(*>v<) i'd like to build on it someday...

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A gameplay with the bubbles is innovative, but it's complicatedthere are areas impossible to access with bubbles. It seems to me that your game is nothing more than a test level of mechanics, it would be more interesting if you continue developing it by giving it a plot, more levels and new skills for the bubbles, and a title and initial menu.